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CFNM Adventures

This site presents the clothed female nude male fetish with hot amateur guys and gals getting down and nasty for the camera. The gist of it is, that the men are very embarrassed to be the naked ones when surrounded by clothed females. Their cheeks turn as red as could be, and most of the time they have to physically resist cupping themselves, they are so embarrassed. The infamous CFNM site. Nude men caught in the wildest CFNM adventures with wicked clothed women. Real CFNM documentary & original cutting edge hard CFNM action.

CFNM Fever

Wild chicks tease and strip cute'n shy boys. This site features the clothed-female-nude-male fetish where sexy fully dressed gals tease and play with their nude men. Real life stories of three particular girls: Ann, Kate and Lisa. These girls just love to dominate and humiliate guys. Boys' nudity and shame lead the girls to actions they couldn't imagine before. Have a look at all of the embarrassing situations girls force shy innocent boys into!

CFNM Dogging

Clothed females jeer at nude males and get pure satisfaction from feeling men's shame. CFNM Dogging brings you sexual humiliation of nude male by clothed females in a public or semipublic place, especially in parks or outdoors. Watch episodes where boys hae to be naked before girls' eyes and their peckers become rocky. Meet insolent girls who never miss the chance to tie guys, strip them naked on publuc, ride them like a pony and make them ejaculate in the end.